Services – VAT Preparation & Submission


Any business with annual income in excess of the current VAT threshold must register for VAT. We offer a full range of VAT services, from registration for smaller growing businesses to preparation and submission of quarterly VAT returns for established businesses already registered. We can also advise on exemptions for businesses whose income is forecast to exceed the VAT threshold only temporarily.

VAT can be a real headache for small business owners and larger company directors alike, simply because the paperwork and administration can be complicated and plentiful. More importantly, accurate VAT contributions and records are an essential part of maintaining a good financial reputation for your business. Errors can be costly, both in terms of time and money, and are easily made if one is not entirely au fait with all the rules and regulations.

The other aspect of VAT that makes things difficult to manage is that rates are liable to change, as are thresholds, exemptions and so on. Most business owners simply don’t have the time to keep track of the frequent changes.

VAT audits from HM Revenue and Customs are a regular occurrence for all limited companies, and while these audits are entirely routine, that do make many business owners anxious, simply because accurate records are difficult to keep.

Many small businesses, particularly those just starting up, are often not even sure whether they should be concerned with VAT, whether they should be paying it at all, or applying for exemption. We can offer advice whatever your situation.

We have team members who are specialists in all things to do with VAT; experts who make it their business to keep up with changes, alterations and legislation.

By using our service to deal with your VAT affairs, you can be safe in the knowledge that your records are being maintained accurately, calculations are being made correctly, and that we will always be on hand to offer advice of any changes that may be able to make or save you money.